Electronic Industry Clean-Room Solutions Medical/Food Industry Clean-room Solutions Laboratory System Solutions

      Service Scope

      Design Concept


      Selecting high quality environment-friendly materials, considering aspects of dust proof, noise control and antipollution etc.


      Meeting the ergonomic design, especially for Chinese working habits to specific designing and manufacturing; special processing discharge design for harmful gases and waste water while doing experiments, and the unique exhaust system design can effectively prevent harmful gases from harming human bodies.


      Selecting safety protection facilities which comply with international standards. Fully considering the positions of eyewash station and emergency shower, escape route and etc. in order to guarantee life safety at most.

      Service Scope

      Pharmacy/biotechnology、chemical engineering/ fine chemistry、petrochemical engineering/ smelting、food、cosmetics、scientific research institution、environmental protection/ water affair、 Electronics/ apparatus、inspection and quarantine、tobacco、nuclear power、international college、medical apparatus and instruments and etc.

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